Our Team

Anna Mayne

Founder - The N & P Reduction Pathway™                                                                                Inventor - Restorative Agriculture Rating™ &  Restorative Horticulture Rating™

Research Project Author – Dairy 20/20:2017

Anna grew up on a small dairy farm in New Zealand and has gained dairy farming expertise at many levels over 25 years, from selling sustainable milking-time products like Silclear to working supplier-side for dairy companies like Open Country Dairy Ltd and Miraka Ltd.  Her career highlight has been the challenge to co-create a fresh ag-system in the content of the AgRESTORE three year restorative rating programme. She is continuously grateful for the energy and expertise given and provided by all the dedicated scientists, agronomists, farmers, growers, kaitiaki and compassionate, forward thinking shareholders already involved with AgRESTORE™️.

Charles Hyland


Charles has extensive experience in academic and commercial research focused on reducing losses of phosphorus and nitrogen from farms to ground and surface waters while increasing farm profitability. As a soil biogeochemist, he provides valuable insight to our New Zealand customers. Charles has bachelor's and master's degrees in crop and soil sciences from Cornell University.

Robin Boom

Head Independent Agronomist of the N & P Reduction Pathway™

After graduating from Lincoln College with a Diploma in Agriculture (1977) and a Diploma in Field Technology (1978), Robin worked for the Ministry of Primary Industries (previously known as the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries) as a field technician in the agronomy division of the Whatawhata Hill Country Research Station (1979-1986). For the past 32 years, Robin has worked as a self-employed agronomist, providing independent soil fertility advice (fertiliser recommendations) to over 450 dairy, sheep and beef farmers. Due to his experience and numerous satisfied and successful clients in New Zealand, Robin oversees all fertiliser recommendations for correctness to sufficiency levels.

Robin is a member of many soil science professional bodies including: the New Zealand Society of Soil Science; the New Zealand Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Science; the New Zealand Grassland Association; The British Society of Soil Science; the Institute of Professional Soil Scientists and the Brookside Society of Professional Consultants.

Dr. Shamim Al Mamum

Associate Professor of Soil, Bangladesh University 
Independent Restorative Phytoremediation & Soil Physics Specialist

Shamim earned a PhD from Lincoln University in 2016. As part of the supporting academic team, he will independently consult mainly on cadmium toxicity remediation within our New Zealand soils. He is a world specialist in this work and is highly enthusiastic about the N & P Reduction Pathway™. Shamim says, 'it shall provide good structure for farmers, growers, consumers, academic institutions, councils and industry to really work together on one pathway to measure the progress on environmental restoration impact from the primary sector. This is truly a very exciting innovation from New Zealand’.

Kayol Robinson

Independent Restorative Agronomist

For three decades, Kayol worked with his father learning how to make organic fertilisers, insecticides, pesticides and environmentally friendly cleaners and cosmetics.  From this work, he developed a keen interest in nature and its phenomena.

Kayol strongly advocates and supports the restorative agricultural movement. His role is to provide independent restorative fertiliser recommendations, from which farmers and growers can then purchase requirements from their chosen fertiliser supplier to begin their journey on the N & P Reduction Pathway™.


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