Independent environmental and economic impact monitoring, benefiting farmers, growers, and consumers

The AgRESTORE™ Programme

AgRESTORE™️ is a restorative programme created to provide farmers and growers with the tools they need to show positive environmental impact. Farmers are educated via the N and P Reduction Pathway™️ and uniquely rated 0-10 annually. 

How AgRESTORE™ is different

AgRESTORE™ measures and monitors what environmental and economic impact is actually occurring on your farm or orchard, rather than using predictive modelling, which means it has multiple advantages over what is currently available in the New Zealand industry.

  • Compliance: Farmers and growers can easily comply with ever-increasing government regulations.
  • Economic Gains: Our programme aims to help steer your farm system towards reducing input costs while improving milk production, animal health, weight gain or fruit density.
  • Environmental: By reducing nitrogen and phosphorous (N & P) input levels, we can help you to swiftly improve soil, water, and air quality. 

‘I immediately could see the great advantages of using this system and was happy to be one of the first farms to trial the monitoring and reporting for this programme.' -Peter Krieger (200 Cows - Waitoa, Waikato)

'We're guarding sustainability; we need to identify where we are right now, where we are going and how we will get there. This tool does this. This rating is easy to use.' -Doug Brown (Riverlock Orchards - Opotiki, Bay of Plenty)


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